The                                 was developed
for the spinner who likes to travel.   
Its compact design allows for it to be
easily carried while fully assembled,
or it can be disassembled in seconds
enabling it to be packed in your
favorite carry-on or back pack.  It
weighs only 8 pounds. ...The feel of a
large wheel in a compact size!

*Handcrafted, one at a time, by
craftspeople who appreciate quality

*Beautiful traditional design

*Solid Furniture grade hardwood
construction with solid brass hardware-
no plywood or particle board

*Weighs only about 8 pounds, about
the same as a gallon of milk

*Ten shielded low friction ball bearings,
requiring no lubrication and assuring
smooth, quiet operation.

*Dual band drive, with thumb screw
tension adjustment

*Available in 6:1, 10:1  ratios (standard)
8:1, 12:1 (optional)

*Easily assembles/disassembles in
seconds, without tools.

*Disassembles to 16”x14”x8”, allowing
it to travel in your favorite carry-on bag.

*Your complete satisfaction

The "Holiday Wheel" can be disassembled to transport in a carry-on
bag, or for short trips, you can just do this.

Thanks to "caughtknittin" for allowing us to share these photos.
Makers of Quality Handcrafted
Compact Spinning Wheels
Something New
Lorraine from Pennsylvania asked us to craft an Oak Wheel.  
We have made many pieces of oak furniture but never had
been asked to work it into a wheel.  We found the results to be
striking.  The walnut accent on flat sawn red oak made it very