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We craft the "Holiday Wheel" in upstate New York, using furniture grade hardwoods from local
and no plywood or particle board.  Each wheel is made to order and sold directly to the end user. Our
standard finish on all woods is currently polyurethane.  Optional finish on cherry and maple wheels is
hand rubbed tung oil.  Optional walnut  finish is a traditional shellac.

The wheel is a double drive, with one rubber drive band for the flyer and a separate fiber band for the
bobbin.  Because of the difference in whorl diameter, the bobbin rotates slightly faster than the flyer
causes a natural draw of the fiber, just like a traditional full size double drive wheel. Precise tension
adjustment of the bands is made with a brass thumb screw. Two sets of bands are supplied.

The bobbins hold 2 1/2 to 3 oz of fiber and are unique to the "Holiday".  We know of no
substitutes.  Each wheel comes with five. (this is a change from the original three)

Because shielded ball bearings are used throughout, there is no scheduled lubrication required for

Each wheel has two ratio sets built in.  The standard set is 6/1 and 10/1, and is by far the most
The optional set is a 8/1 and 12/1.  

The standard flyer is symmetrical and has brass hooks on opposite sides.  Recently there has been
interest in an asymmetrical flyer with all of the hooks on the same side.  We have made that an

The open orifice is called a monocle.  5/16" is standard, and 1/4" and 3/8" are options.

Assembly and disassembly can be accomplished is a couple of minutes, without tools.  Pack it up in a
carry on bag for travel, or just pick it up fully assembled and set it in your car for attending your craft
meetings or guild.  The "Holiday" was made to travel.

The current price for the "Holiday Wheel" in solid cherry and maple and walnut is $775.   Inlaid
wheels, and other suitable furniture woods can be quoted at time of order.  

Every wheel now comes with five matching bobbins.  Additional bobbins are $20 each.

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We continue to work on our long wait list and are not
accepting any new orders.  We will let you know when that
status changes.  Thanks for your patience.